Misty is an indoor only cat

Misty's Page

A Little Information About Misty

Her birth date is September 2019

She gets along with cats – if introduced appropriately (other animals, unknown)

Suitable for children: Misty is gentle but is easily startled by quick movements. If young children are supervised and instructed on how to interact with Misty, she could learn to trust them.

Here’s Misty’s Story —

At 3.5 months old, Misty was transferred to LFFAC from a Denver shelter with two other kittens, Jade and Gertie from a different litter. The shelter didn’t have the staff or foster families to work with them. Deb, one of our foster volunteers, worked intensely with all three, and Misty learned that humans were fun to play with, warm to lie on, and often had very yummy treats in their hands. Misty enjoys her foster siblings, ripping around the room, playing in the evening and night. She also loves to lie in a lap while being petted. Misty will continue to learn how to trust and love when she moves in with new family in her forever home.

If you’re interested in adopting Misty, please contact Tonni at tonni@longmontfriendsofcats.org or call 720-600-2578.