Batman & Robin are indoor only cats

Batman & Robins' Page

A Little Information About Batman & Robin

Their birth date is August 1, 2019

Suitable for children: Batman and Robin have come a long way but are still a bit skittish. They may be fearful around young children. However, with supervision and instruction, a young child could learn to gain their trust.

Gets along with cats: If introduced appropriately and the resident cat is open to friends, Batman and Robin would enjoy having more friends to play with.

Other animals: Unknown.

Bonded pair: Batman and Robin are brothers and playmates, and are looking for a forever home together. They are very sweet to watch while grooming each other, playing together, and sleeping sprawled on top of one another.

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Here's Batman and Robins' Story —

Batman and Robin are a fun-loving pair of teens. Just as elusive as the superheroes they’re named after, bachelors Batman and Robin also love to play and “get in on the action.” Batman has a very adventurous dominant personality. He loves being the center of attention and is very affectionate and playful. Robin is more laid-back, until you bring out the brush. This young man loooves his long hair combed, several times a day if given the chance. Grooming is, indeed, a love of his. Don’t tell him about mirrors. This Dynamic Duo and their sisters, Chip and Dale, were found at a site in Longmont, and taken in as older kittens. They were a tough group to woo, but over time and through a lot of work and play, our volunteers won their love and trust. They look forward to visits from their human friends. They’re looking for a forever home with a family that loves to play and will be patient with them while they acclimate to their new environment

If you’re interested in adopting Batman and Robin, please email Tonni at or call 720-600-2578.