Gertie & Jade are indoor only cats

Gertie & Jades' Page

A Little Information About Gertie & Jade

Their birth date is September 1, 2019

Suitable for children: Gertie is a love bug who enjoys being petted while Jade is learning to enjoy petting but isn’t there yet. With instruction and supervision, a young child could learn how to gain their trust. They currently get startled easily and have not been around children.

Other Cats: Since being with LFFAC, Jade and Gertie haven’t been around animals other than cats. If introduced appropriately, Jade and Gertie may do well with resident cats if the cats are compatible.

Other animals: Unknown.

Bonded pair: Gertie and Jade are sisters and would love to go to a home together.

Here's Gertie and Jades' Story —

Get to know aristoCats Gertrude and Jade. If you need a daily dose of catitude to inspire you every day, these puffs might be for you. Playful and full of sass, Gertie will offer you affection on her terms while Jade keeps the party going with play. Jade and Gertie are looking for a forever home where their family will give them time to acclimate and get to know them. Continuing to use play and treats will certainly win their hearts. Jade and Gertie came to us from a Denver shelter when they were 2.5 months old and under-socialized. Since then, they’ve learned that playing with their human friends is very fun and sometimes involves treats. Now they wait at the door, excited to see us coming!

If you’re interested in adopting Gerdie and Jade, please email Tonni at or call 720-600-2578.