Pecan & Sunflower are indoor only cats

Pecan & Sunflowers' Page

A Little Information About Pecan & Sunflower—

Pecan (male) birth date is Fall 2019 and Sunflower (female) birth date is 2018

Suitable for children: Pecan and Sunflower are not snugly cats at this time. Pecan is very affectionate but continues to be wary of sudden movements. Sunflower is very wary and may not enjoy young children. However, in a forever home with lots of love and patience, both may warm up to children who are supervised and instructed as to how to interact with them.

Other animals: This pair get along with cats—yes, if introduced appropriately (other animals, unknown).

Here's Pecan & Sunflowers' Story—

Pecan and Sunflower came to us from a TNVR site in Brighton. It was a difficult environment for feral cats, and we felt like these two needed to be relocated. Pecan was only 4 months old and could be socialized, and one of Sunflower’s eyes was under developed and needed to be removed but was receptive to human interaction. Sunflower received the medical care that she needed. Now, they are both socialized, healthy and ready to find their forever home.

Pecan and Sunflower are bonded buddies and need to be adopted together. Pecan is a petite little talker with a kitten voice. Since being tamed, he isn’t keen on being picked up, but can be. He loves being petted. He pushes his little head into the floor and arches his back in anticipation of getting his neck and back scratched. Then, he rolls over for a good belly rub. He also follows his favorite human friends like a puppy, talking as travels. He is such a love!

Sunflower loves lying on her shelf and spending time with Pecan. She is more reserved but loves to be brushed and petted when she’s in the mood. She, like Pecan, rolls around in ecstasy, not sure if she wants her back or belly petted most. Her favorite time of the day is playtime with Pecan and their roommate, Lanna. They are play machines, racing around the room like little monkeys, tackling one another.

A catio was recently added to LFFAC’s facility that has provided an outdoor play area for Sunflower, Pecan, and Lanna. They love to go out and roll in the dirt and spy on their rabbit, bird and deer neighbors. Catios give cats an outdoor experience without danger from cars, predators, or angry humans. Sunflower and Pecan will be adopted as indoor cats only, but a catio would be a great option for them at their new home.

Pecan and Sunflower will bring so much fun and love into their new forever home.

If you’re interested in adopting this beautiful pair, please contact Tonni Loutzenhiser at or 720-600-2578.