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Simba & Zuma are indoor only cats

Simba & Zuma's Page

A Little Information About Simba and Zuma

Their birth date is September 2019

They get along with cats – Yes (other animals, unknown)

Suitable for children: As older kittens, Simba and Zuma were taught to socialize with humans by LFFAC. Simba and Zuma startle easily and are more difficult to hold when uncomfortable. They will do fine with older children and adults but small children will need to learn though their parents as to how to interact with them.

Here’s Simba and Zuma’s Story —

Simba, Zuma, two other siblings, and mom were trapped in an industrial area in Weld County. Their mom was spayed and returned to her home. The other two siblings were trapped early enough to be transferred to a shelter and were adopted quickly. These two took more work by their foster family, Kristy and Kaya, who did a wonderful job teaching them that humans can be very fun and very loving.

This is what Kristy wrote about her special foster babies:

Simba and Zuma are best buddies and playmates. They are very similar in their preferences, but they have very distinct personalities.Both love to be held and when one is in your arms, the other is usually sitting on your feet waiting for a turn.  They love watching birds and squirrels out the window, but while Simba is quiet, Zuma chirps with a hunter’s joy.Simba is refining his jumps to catch a flying string toy while Zuma is working on her pouncing skills. Zuma often “sings” when she wants to be fed or held. Simba is the quiet type – unless he can’t find his sister,then he calls out for her. Kaya says that they are “two worlds, one family”.

This bonded pair will provide hours of entertainment for their new family, while thriving on the love that comes from a forever home.

If you’re interested in adopting Simba and Zuma, please email Tonni at or call 720-600-2578.