Colony Management

About LFFAC Colony Management

Colony Management

We manage a handful of cat colonies around Longmont. What this means is that we provide food, water, and shelters (if needed), and monitor the cats for any medical issues. Following are details about the feral cat colonies we manage.

Big T's Colony

There are currently 10 cats living in Big T’s colony and they are all spayed and neutered. The colony is located on a local business property where the owner allows LFFAC to care for the cats. Dedicated volunteers provide food and water on a daily basis, and monitor the colony’s health. We have been caring for cats at this site since 2009.

Blue’s Colony

Blue’s Colony has been around for a long time. Doug and Roberta inherited it after Doug’s father passed away. There are currently five to seven cats living there. All of the regulars are neutered and spayed, but there are a few transient cats that come through from time to time that we are attempting to TNVR.

Jimi's Colony

This group of cats is located behind a local business. A feeding station is provided on the site and the cats sleep at other locations nearby. Three cats are seen here on a regular basis. This feeding station has been in LFFAC’s care since 2005.

Joey’s Colony

Joey’s colony came to our attention in April 2016. The current manager of the colony, Deb, called for help with TNVR in April. By the end of 2016, 15 cats were neutered and spayed, and many kittens removed for adoption.

There are still a few more cats who need to be neutered and spayed but it has become more challenging now that the trusting cats have been TNVR’d leaving the more elusive cats that drift in and out just eating in that location. And, since the area probably has many pockets of cats being fed we have a lot of work to do here but this colony has become much more manageable now that most have been altered.

Deb has done an amazing job making sure that the location is very comfortable for the cats, making sure they are fed healthy food daily, removing and fostering any kittens that appear while we’re trying to complete the TNVR process, and trapping any new cats that she sees in the colony.

Tippy's Colony

There are nine cats living in this colony. All these cats have been spayed or neutered. They make their home on a very large residential lot where they are sometimes joined by the neighbor cats. They love lounging in the yard and playing with each other.

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