To Improve Feral Cat Lives

Mission & Vision

Our Mission Statement

To improve the lives of community cats and the people who care for them in Longmont and the surrounding area through our comprehensive programs: TNR, Cat Socialization, Colony Management, Foster, Adoption, and Education.

Fulfilling Our Mission

LFFAC currently manages four feral cat colonies, oversees two additional cat colonies, and advocates for feral and abandoned cats through opportunities to educate residents about the advantages of caring for feral, community cats for a more compassionate Longmont and surrounding area. LFFAC provides assistance to the public through TNR and education regarding managing cat colonies and caring for them responsibly in an effort to reduce their impact on neighbors and the environment.

Our Vision

A compassionate society where all cats are cared for and respected.

Our Core Values

  • We value the life of each individual cat
  • We value all people and animals and recognize that they should be treated with dignity and respect
  • We value people who have compassion for cats and are willing to take action to help make cats’ lives better
  • We value communities that make a commitment toward allowing community cats to live safely and freely in their natural environment
  • We value tolerance and the willingness to listen and learn when opinions differ
  • We value integrity, accountability and excellence in our work