2022 Income & Expenses

LFFAC Financials

When you think about numbers and statistics, it’s not something we relate to as warm and fuzzy. Numbers never curl up next to you on the sofa or greet you at the door when you come home. But, while it’s not unusual to glaze over when looking at a long list of figures, data isn’t just about numbers. For example, each number represents a cat—a life in cat welfare. Moreover, tracking data provides an overview at a glance and allows us to shift/adjust our resources and programs to where they’re needed most.

The first two charts represent total income in 2022 by category and source. The following two charts depict total expenses in 2022 by category and operations. Values are expressed in percentages. Hover your mouse over the pie chart or tap the pie segment to see the values.

Income by Category

Income by Source

Expenses by Category

Expenses by Operations