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Ways to Give to Protect Cats

: LFFAC Nonprofit Feral Cat T-N-V-R OrganizationSince 2015, Longmont Friends of Feral & Abandoned Cats (LFFAC)  has been a tenacious advocate in the movement for humane treatment and protection of community cats. We save cats impacted by over-crowded shelters, lack of rescue resources, out-of-date laws, natural disasters, and more. It is thanks to compassionate supporters who stand by us that we can protect cats in our community.

Caring, thoughtful people like you make a difference and save lives every day by supporting LFFAC.  Only together can we make local communities a better place for our cats.

Please make a tax-deductible* gift today to help our cats live the lives they deserve.

Please send a donation by mail to:

Longmont Friends of Feral & Abandoned Cats

PO Box 2205

Longmont, CO 80502