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Lanna is an indoor only cat

Lanna's Page

A Little Information About Lanna

Her birth date is May 2019

She gets along with cats – if introduced appropriately (other animals, unknown)

Suitable for children: Lanna is not a snuggly cat and may not enjoy young children. With supervision and instruction, a young child could learn how to earn Lanna’s trust.

Here’s Lanna’s Story —

Lanna began her journey in New Mexico. From six weeks to eleven weeks old, she was in the care of a New Mexico shelter. She then transferred to a shelter in Colorado. After a month in foster care, she remained under socialized. Finally, in mid-September, we took her in to see if we could convince her that humans are not only fun but provide wonderful massages.

Lanna latched onto her friends, Pecan and Sunflower, very quickly but was less receptive to humans until recently. Now, she loves being brushed and doted on from the safety of her cat tower shelf. She loves playing with wand and laser toys with her human friends and progresses weekly toward more interaction.

Lanna is a play machine that flies through the house horizontally or vertically, very high to grab a toy. She’s very smart and athletically impressive. She has a very lean, Siamese body with long legs that aid her in jumping over her playmates. She and her friends, Pecan and Sunflower, have expanded their playmate horizons to include Penelope (see her story). Lanna runs to Penelope when she calls out to her friends to come and visit her. Then, they take turns chasing each other. Lanna is so gentle with her little friend.

Lanna is still learning to trust humans and will thrive in a forever home with a patient, gentle and loving family.

If you’re interested in adopting Lanna, please contact Tonni Loutzenhiser at or call 720-600-2578.