Penelope is an indoor only cat

Penelope's Page

A Little Information About Penelope

Her birth date is September 2019

Suitable for children: Penelope would do very well with older children and adults. Young children need supervision around her.

Other animals: She gets along with cats – Loves them! (other animals, unknown).

What's Not to Love?

Here's Penelope's Story —

Penelope came to us in October 2019 with mom, Serena, and brother, Jason. Marlene, who found her, thought that she’d been injured by a neighbor’s male cat. However, when she was seen at Family Pet Hospital, they concluded that Penelope probably had a congenital paralysis that was neurological. Serena and Jason moved on to new homes through a local shelter. But, Penelope is looking for that special home she needs to address her challenges.

Penelope is a petite gal with a huge personality. She loves to play and be gently pursued. She is a very smart girl that finds her way around easily while finding fun and excitement in everything around her. Most of all, she is a social butterfly with other cats and loves to entice them into play or sometimes, just company as she watches them play or explore the environment.

Penelope loves human attention. Since she’s still young, play is usually what she’s looking for, but she also loves a  good body massage. She loves wand toys and plays with toys that enable her to sit or lay and play or balls to chase when she’s alone. She enjoys safe climbing and is very active. She’s full of life and has lots of love to give her new family.

Penelope is young and very adaptable. However, because of her physical limitations, she must be protected from rough play.

Limitations: Paralysis of back legs. She needs to have her bladder expressed and wiped clean three to four times a day. She has no control of her bladder and has not always been able to get to the litter-box for bowel movements.

Penelope is looking for a home where she can receive the special care that she needs and a stimulating yet protective environment. She has very developed upper body strength, and it would be important for her to get the kind of exercise she needs to maintain that. She loves climbing but could easily fall off some surfaces.

If you’re interested in adopting this lovely girl, please email Tonni at or call 720-600-2578.