Benefits from Adopting Bonded Cats

Benefits from Adopting Bonded Cats

Considering adopting a cat? LFFAC would like you to consider adopting bonded cats. Some people may think cats are solitary creatures, or that they won’t bond with their human family if they have cat friends, but in reality, cats are social creatures and have the capacity to love more than one person, more than one cat, and more than one species.

Benefits from adopting bonded cats:

  • Easier transition from a shelter to a new home. Your new cat family members can more easily welcome new surroundings and new people if they have a familiar friend or friends to help them acclimate.
  • If you’re gone during the day for work or have other obligations, a single cat may be lonely…and bored. What could be better than a play buddy or a friend to snuggle with on the sofa.
  • When you’re home, cats can be very entertaining as they chase and hide from each other, running through the house having fun.
  • Better grooming. Cats groom each other as a sign of affection. Bonded friends can also help keep faces and ears groomed — places that are hard for cats to reach on their own heads. What’s more relaxing than watching cats groom each other, and then plop down in a pile of purrs?
  • Stronger social skills. Having a bonded pair of cats means they know how hard to play with each other, how to share territory, and how to communicate their needs. In the future if you decide to adopt again, the social skills your cats have developed and maintained may make adding another cat an easier transition for all.
  • Better health. If you have more than one cat, you increase the chances them staying healthy, because even as they get older, they’ll have someone to play tag and wrestle with. An active lifestyle can increase your cats’ lifespan and keep them healthier overall.
  • And most important of all, it’s very difficult for cats to be separated from their siblings and friends. Please consider adopting a pair.

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