How TerraCycle Programs Work


Terracycle is another important way you can support LFFAC needs and the environment. TerraCycle is non-profit organization which “up-cycles” hard-to-recycle waste materials into useful products. Members send in these items and once the waste is received the collector is credited with TerraCycle points. TerraCycle points can be redeemed for a cash donation to Longmont Friends of Feral & Abandoned Cats.

LFFAC currently collects five different items (called Brigades) and handles all the shipping. We welcome the community to help collect these items for us to earn money for our organization.

To find out more, please visit TerraCycle website or use the Contact Us feature to start collecting for our organization. Please use keyword: Terracycle.

For a list of items that LFFAC recycles through TerraCycle, read LFFAC Recycling List.

LFFAC TerraCycle ProgramMom Brand Cereal Bag Brigade

(plastic cereal bags and liners)

LFFAC TerraCycle Program

Energy Bar Wrapper Brigade

(any brand of energy bar, granola bar or cereal bar)

LFFAC TerraCycle Program

Air Care Recycling Program

(air freshening packaging, Frebreze One, etc.

LFFAC TerraCycle Program

Personal Care & Beauty Brigade

(hair care, cosmetic, and skin care packaging)

LFFAC TerraCycle Program

Tom’s of Maine Natural Care Brigade

(mouthwash bottles and caps, used toothbrushes, floss containers, soap packaging, toothpaste tubes and caps, deodorant sticks and caps—no aerosol)

TerraCycle Recycling Process

For a list of items that LFFAC recycles through TerraCycle, LFFAC Recycling List.